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We use our expertise and experiences to support our Client's Business to assure their sustainable growth and profit.We serve the Clients with full range of Consulting Services in Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Operations, Risk and Information Technology.


Supported with experience,  Fabrici Management Consulting provides industry specific know-how and expertise that bring added value to our Clients to assure their long term competitive advantage on the market.


In the past years Banking industry has undergone tremendous transformation. Ten years ago Banking was about receiving deposits and provide loans upon the Clients request in specific segments (Retail, SME, Corporate). Today the Banks are totally sales oriented institutions trying to attract existing and potential customers while initiating sales activities.

  • Corporate business is pushed to minimal margins due to very strong competition and  Banks make money on fees. Business Processes automation and efficient IT support are the keys to success in SME and Retail segments.
  • Up-to-date Clients' data and enhanced Customer Relationship Management (Contact Management across distributing channels, Complaint Management, Sales Force Automation, etc.) are cornerstones of cross-selling and up-selling.
  • Clients' socio-demographic segmentation and Business Intelligence improves results of Campaigns executed and decreases the cost-per-acquired-customer.


Energy and utilities is a sensitive sector that is mainly influenced by Public. Political and Regulatory Constraints and Limitations shape the strategic executives decisions. Renewable energy is becoming more important as the world pushes for environmentally sustainable solutions.

Technology is changing the way companies make money and support the efficiency through Management of Business Processes, Optimizing Operations and increasing internal Efficiency.

The internal consolidation of the organizations and their readiness for new ways of serving customers will differentiate the Leaders from others.

Water Treatment and Wastewater Utilities

The avaiability of the safe water has been the major contributing factor in the growth of the world's population, by serving man's drinking water and sanitation needs. The ability to create large water supply systems to abstract or withdraw, treat and transport vital water to whole communities' fingertips stands as one history's great engineering marvels. Many countries face a growing gap between the amount of water they can supply reliably to their population and the amount they need. Assuming continued economic and population growth, by 2030 water supplies will satisfy only 60 percent of global demand and less than 50 percent in many developing regions where water supply is already under stress. Closing the gap by increasing supply—through desalination, the drilling of deep wells, or transporting surface water—will be extremely difficult and expensive. More likely, governments will have to implement the programs for sustainable delivery of drinking water (Water Safety Plan) in parallel to minimizing the losses of drinking water (Water Loss Control). The International Water Association has developed performance standards for Managing the Water Treatment Utilities as well as Wastewater Utilities to support achieving sustainable drinking water supply and public health.


Telecom companies have been investing into infrastructure for several years transforming their network platforms from analog to digital systems. Telco operators incumbents are spending billions to adopt the IP technology with an idea of being profitable in serving their customers. Even so, most telcos not only feel pressured by the threat that their competitors will undercut their profitability with competing offerings but also are tempted by the opportunity to deliver a new array of services. Consequently, they are undertaking the IP transformation in the hope they will find the payoff somewhere along the way.


Hot News

October 2015 - Fabrici Management Consulting has signed a Contract to deliver Enterprise Application Integration for Transpetrol, a.s.


Septebmer 2015 - Fabrici Management Consulting has signed a Consulting Contract with Poštová Banka, a.s.



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