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2. Business Use Case Modeling

The Business Use-Case Model is a model of the business intended functions. It is used as an essential input to identify roles and deliverables in the organization. The primary purpose of the model of business use cases and actors is to describe how the business is used by its customers and partners. Activities that directly concern the customer, or partner, as well as supporting or managerial tasks that indirectly concern the external party are presented.

The model describes the business in terms of business use cases, which correspond to what are generally called "processes".

When looking at the activities in a business there are at least three categories of work corresponding to three categories of business use cases:

  • First, there are the commercially important activities, often called business processes.
  • Second, there are a lot of activities that are not that commercially important, but have to be performed anyhow to make the business work. Systems administration, Operational support are typical examples. The business use cases are of a supporting character.
  • Third, there is management work. Business use cases of management character shows the type of work that affects how the other business use cases are managed and the business’ relationships to its owners


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