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Enterprise Architecture Management

Enterprise Architecture Management is the practice of applying a comprehensive and rigorous method for describing a current and/or future structure and behavior for an organization's processes, information systems, personnel and organizational sub-units, so that they align with the organization's core goals and strategic direction. Although often associated strictly with information technology, it relates more broadly to the practice of business optimization in that it addresses business architecture, performance management, organizational structure and process architecture as well. The primary reason for developing and managing an Enterprise Architecture is to support the business by providing the fundamental technology and process structure for an IT strategy. This in turn makes IT a responsive asset for a successful modern business strategy.

The Enterprise Architecture consists of two parts:

  • Business Architecture, and

  • IT Architecture.

In practical terms, the Business Architecture is also often necessary as a means of demonstrating the business value of subsequent Technical Architecture work to key stakeholders, and the return on investment to those stakeholders from supporting and participating in the subsequent work.

The IT architecture is important to business leaders because it can promote—or obstruct—the launch of new processes, products, and channels. The problems caused by a poor IT architecture are particularly evident in cases where IT is the musculature of the business. Many institutions find that their IT units can't efficiently support multi-channel offers, because products and channels are served by separate IT systems that communicate only to a limited extent. Business leaders experience frustration because IT takes too long to make changes, their cost is too high, or they fail to deliver the expected features. Many such problems are rooted in the IT architecture

The trend over the past decade to centralize IT has cut costs, strengthened compliance with corporate standards, simplified vendor management, and improved the way companies manage the demand for and the delivery of their IT services. The downside is that these changes often distance technology from the business. The only way, however, to manage the IT in an Enterprise is to align and justify it to the Business needs.

Although a number of enterprise architecture frameworks exist, there is no accepted industry standard method for developing an enterprise architecture. The goal of The Open Group with TOGAF is to work towards making it an industry standard method, which is neutral towards tools and technologies, and can be used for developing the products associated with any recognized enterprise framework - such as the Zachman Framework, Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF), Treasury Enterprise Architecture Framework (TEAF), and C4ISR/DoD Framework - that the architect feels is appropriate for a particular architecture.

In Fabrici Management Consulting we believe the TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) is a comprehensive architecture framework that enables us to design, evaluate and implement  the right architecture for an enterprise.

See more at TOGAF official site.


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October 2015 - Fabrici Management Consulting has signed a Contract to deliver Enterprise Application Integration for Transpetrol, a.s.


Septebmer 2015 - Fabrici Management Consulting has signed a Consulting Contract with Poštová Banka, a.s.



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