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We use our expertise and experiences to support our Client's Business to assure their sustainable growth and profit.We serve the Clients with full range of Consulting Services in Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Operations, Risk and Information Technology.

Channel differentiation

Typically around half the price paid for a product by a customer is absorbed by the activities involved in getting that product to the customer (and the customer to the product). And this is a proportion that has increased significantly over the past 15 years as production costs have fallen while markets have segmented and media and distribution channels have multiplied. Typically, this is the proportion of costs which is least well controlled and least well understood. Markets are fragmenting as trends in consumer and business demographics create additional and more distinct customer segments. To make matters worse, product and service innovations are multiplying the options available.

Very few companies can tell you what it costs to sell through a particular distribution channel. Fewer still can inform you of the profitability of specific intermediaries. Companies that have invested in analysing and understanding the business models of their distribution system have been able to take significant cost out of their own business, increasing profits or reducing prices to gain an edge over the competition.


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October 2015 - Fabrici Management Consulting has signed a Contract to deliver Enterprise Application Integration for Transpetrol, a.s.


Septebmer 2015 - Fabrici Management Consulting has signed a Consulting Contract with Poštová Banka, a.s.



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